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Like old times

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So I was taking some advice that my dad once gave me, F-16 and focus at Infinity just snapshots all day. It was fun to shooting without even really thinking, Reminded me when I was a kid with my first camera, a hi Matic 7 Minolta


Sony a6000

Posted in E-mount, sony alpha on October 27, 2015 by reselgroth

Well I’ve finally done it, I up graded from my NEX5R and got me the a6000.Winner of the Gold Award for camera of the year by D-preview. Having the fastest auto focus and best hybrid contrast and phase detection out there and one of the best low noise for a 24 mpx aps-c sensor oh and it blazes a amazing 11 fps and has Wifi.
Stay tuned. Something new on the horizon……..

Sony a9

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This maybe the next big hitter in the Mirrorless movement ? We will have to wait and see.


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Sony has announced the Alpha 7 II, which the company has managed to keep very close to its vest. The big story on this 24MP full-frame mirrorless is its 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization – the first of its kind in a full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony claims that this IS system can reduce shake by 4.5 stops using the CIPA standard. If an E-mount lens with OSS is attached, the camera will detect it and use a combination of in-lens and in-body stabilization.

Like the original a7, the a7 II features 117 phase detect and 25 contrast detect points on its CMOS sensor but Sony is claiming a 30% improvement in the a7 II’s AF speed and 1.5x better tracking performance than its predecessor. Sony says this is thanks to its ‘proprietary image analysis technology’ using more information from a scene to keep focus locked on a subject.

On the video front, the Alpha 7 II now supports the XAVC S codec, which can record 1080/60p video at 50Mbps. The camera also supports S-Log2 to capture a wide dynamic range in video for grading.

From a design standpoint, the biggest changes are the grip – which is larger – and the addition of a front dial. The shutter release button has been moved to a more natural position on the grip and the front panel is now magnesium alloy instead of plastic. The lens mount has also been reinforced, for more stability when using heavy lenses.

Been Sleeping

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imagesMDMHZUWDSo over the last 6 months to a year Sony and the camera industry has come out with a few new cameras, but not enough to get me to upgrade from my current A77 and NEX-5r. Things are looking like there building again in the Mirror less and SLT (Sony ver of DSLR). So keep your eyes pealed for more high end camera making in the next 6 months. Hint Higher mpx

Hasselblad DSLR/SLT

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Intro-001Lately I’ve been using a camera in the Sony lineup called the NEX-5R and have really been enjoying it much more than I thought I would and have reached a point that alot of other photographers have. I reach for the camera that works the best for me. Needless to say its the one that I purchased as a backup to my big camera, the Sony a77 that weighs about 10 times as much. My new camera of choice the NEX-5R.

The great thing about the system is the adapter you can get for it. Any camera you are using now or in the past, even in the film days, you can find an adapter for it. Its Amazing, and with the focus peaking option even manual focus is easy.

The Alpha NEX-5R is Sony’s seventh NEX camera and the third in its ‘5’ series that aims to appeal to a more demanding customer than the point-and-shoot-upgrader-friendly ‘3’ cameras. The 5R is a subtle upgrade over the existing 5N but the changes wrought suggests Sony has a clearer idea of who each camera is ment for.

The NEX-5R isn’t a NEX-7 by any means, but it’s finally added a couple of features that make it more attractive to keen photographers – namely a dedicated function button and control dial. These may essentially be an extension of the level of control that the 5N already offered, but devoting more space to external controls shows that Sony expects the users to actually use these functions.

The biggest technology advance on the NEX-5R is the addition of a modified sensor with pixels devoted to performing phase-detection to provide a hybrid autofocus system. The phase-detection pixels are used to determine depth information about the focus target, which means the camera has to perform less hunting with the potential of faster focus, improved continuous focus performance and better autofocus in movie shooting.

The other big advance on the 5R is the addition of DNLA-compliant Wi-Fi and on-camera app, the NEX can only run Sony-made apps, but the couple included on the camera do increase its capabilities. The Wi-Fi and apps combine to mean that the 5R can push images to an iOS or Android smartphone, push images straight to Facebook or Sony’s own PlayMemories site across a Wi-Fi network, or allow the use of a smartphone as a remote viewfinder/trigger.

  • 16.1MP CMOS sensor w/10fps
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Top-plate control dial
  • Dedicated Fn button
  • Wi-Fi for connection via Wi-Fi networks or to smartphones
  • Proprietary in-camera apps
  • Touch-screen display
  • Electronic First Curtain shutter
  • 1080p 60p HD movies in AVCHD (50p on PAL region models)